What is it?

Our advanced tattoo removal laser removes unwanted tattoos by using short bursts of high-energy light to target the dark ink granules in the tattoo and break them down into smaller fragments for the body’s immune system to reabsorb. The process of tattoo removal occurs over the course of several sessions. During your initial appointment, we can provide you with an estimate of the number of treatments required, which is determined by the tattoo’s age and location.

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How much is it?

  • XXXS – 15 minutes singular spot – size of a coin: $50
  • XXS – 15 minutes. Smaller than a credit card – bigger than a coin: $100
  • XS – 20 minutes. Up to the size of a credit card: $200
  • S – 25 minutes. The size of 2 credit cards: $300
  • M – 30 minutes. The size of 3 credit cards: $400
  • L – 30 minutes. The size of 4 credit cards: $500
  • XL – 45 minutes. Anything larger than 4x credit card size. Please note this price can vary depending on size. Starting from $550 per session.
  • Half arm sleeve – 45 minutes. Depending on the size of the area being removed. Starting from $550 per session.
  • Full arm. Depending on the area being removed. Starting from $900 per session.

Gift Cards

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